First Steps…

10th, 2012

Our stories all start somewhere and throughout the summer and fall, I have been able to share in the journey back in time with several players who currently wear the jerseys of the Knicks and the Rangers. For me, it has been a very rewarding project filled with moments of learning the passion and commitment needed to pursue your dream. When we were in Milwaukee with Knicks forward Steve Novak, he talked about how he would not focus on the star players while watching games, but rather on the guys on the bench, knowing that if he was just as good as those players, the 8th, 9th and 10th guy, that he could make it to the NBA. Steve would spend every night on the basketball court his dad created in their backyard, shooting and shooting and shooting focused on that dream. Somehow, even as a very young boy, Steve Novak seemed to be very aware of what his talents were and what they were not. It shed light on how often we think about what we can’t do well rather than on what gifts we do have and working on crafting and perfecting those.