A documentary directed by Stephen Palgon and produced in collaboration with Wonderland Sound and Vision and Endgame Entertainment. The documentary, which was based on the book Fantasyland by Sam Walker, tells the story of fantasy baseball player, Jed Latkin and his quest to compete against the experts of fantasy in the exclusive league called Tout Wars.

Inspired by the best-selling book by Wall Street Journal Sports Editor Sam Walker, Fantasyland is a feature-length documentary about the culture and lifestyle of fantasy players.  Directed by Stephen Palgon (two-time Sports Emmy winner as producer of the HBO documentary series Legendary Nights), Fantasyland follows Jed Latkin, an amateur fantasy baseball fan who earns the chance to compete with the industry’s best in an expert league called Tout Wars during the 2008 baseball season.  Before that season began, Jed was a rising young financial analyst planning to start a family with his new wife.  But by the time the season ended, he had traveled thousands of miles to personally connect with his players, pulled countless all-nighters, and nearly missed the birth of his twin son and daughter, all in the relentless pursuit of one, increasingly elusive goal:  winning Tout Wars.